“I was asked to write my thoughts on Brave House which was set up last year. It is an honor to do so that the owners can get proper credit and applause for their investment to improve the lives of special needs.

The creation of Brave House was sent by God for my son Stanley. Michele and her husband Mark have a heart of gold/ They have put together a safe and loving place where young adults feel free to connect with others for activities and experiences such as nature walks, glass and ceramic painting, storytelling, and more. Prior to attending Brave House my son had gone to other venues that did not feel quite right or stimulating enough for him to want to go.
Michele and her assistants have put together amazing visual plans for activities that are fun and rewarding for the participants regardless of their skill levels. The staff always gives a beautiful warm welcome when the day begins with a social gathering. There is a pep talk on the planned activities for the day and an educational talk on the week’s theme. It is no wonder that Brave House has been a success and that the program has grown. We parents are so grateful for the development opportunities provided by Michele and Mark! Thanks so much for making Brave House a reality.”

Debbie and Charlie Roth

“Bravehouse is a wonderful day hab/community center for young adults with special needs and it has been a great outlet for my brother who is no longer in school or in any other program and would otherwise be very isolated as a young adult. They do different projects together including arts and crafts and making goods to sell for fundraising or serving the community for instance food drives and showing love to nursing home residents. They go on mini field trips, learn new things, watch movies, bake, do games and activities together, etc.

Places like this are VERY greatly needed in this area especially and I’m so thankful to the Van Nostrand family for making this place possible. To say we’re so fortunate to have them in our community and to us personally would be a major understatement! They are a huge blessing to us.”

Kristina Miranda

“David is 24 and has Down syndrome and is within the Autism spectrum. He has some words but is mostly non-verbal. David started attending Brave House in March of 2023 when the twice a week schedule started up. Prior to that he had attended the holiday functions. When he first started attending we weren’t sure that David was enjoying himself since he doesn’t talk. When he started attending the monthly sessions I noticed a change in that he looked forward to going and gradually started getting more involved. Prior to this, he wasn’t getting involved in the crafts portions and now he is there with the other adults, making the crafts to the best of his ability. I give Michele Van Nostrand all of the credit for this. Her heart is for these wonderful adults and she takes the time to sit and listen to them, like a friend would. I feel blessed to have my son attend Brave House. It is just what we were looking for. Brave House is located on an acreage with a large house and very large rooms. It is the perfect place to feel safe and have fun.”

Leah Pringle

“Our son is autistic. While being part of the Brave House, our son has grown and progressed in ways we could not have hoped for. His language skills and his interpersonal skills have skyrocketed. His overall well-being and affect have improved to such a degree that it is hard to believe that in such a short amount of time he has changed into the adult that he is today.

Our whole family is glad to call everyone who participates and supports the Brave House part of our community. We look forward to each activity and look for ways to participate and support the leaders who keep our community alive. Thank God for the Brave House.”

Rebecca Hausler

“This day program for adults with disabilities is an absolute gem! The packed schedule of fun activities ensures that every day is filled with excitement and laughter. It’s an incredible place where participants can truly thrive and enjoy a fulfilling and joyful experience.”