About Brave House

Mark and Michele Van Nostrand started Brave House Community Center in 2022 to create a place where adults with IDD (intellectual disability disorder) could come gather, learn new skills, and build independence and community.

Mark and Michele have spent years engaging with the IDD population. Their son, Nathan, who is now 29, was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) when he was 7 years old. After much trial and error his parents were able to put into place a small group of individuals who were there to support and encourage his goals so he could live an independent and fulfilling life. Out of gratitude for the many blessings the Van Nostrands experienced over the last two decades they began a Special Olympics delegation in Dripping Springs for adults who were no longer able to participate on a school team. Over the last few years they recognized a need for a place where these adults could spend their days in a productive and meaningful way. They found a property outside of Wimberley that perfectly met their needs and Brave House was born.

At Brave House experienced staff ensure a safe environment for adults with IDD to build community through purposeful activities and experiences.